On Friday, I joined 13 million Canadians to watch the opening ceremonies of the 2010 Winter Olympic Games in Vancouver. If you count people who watched part of the ceremony, the number of viewers excede 20 million – the largest in Canadian TV history.

Overall, the ceremonies were excellent. I was extremely impressed with the lighting effects, the prominent role of aboriginal people and the variety in the show. The music and poetry were nice reminders of the huge amount of Canadian talent. There were also fitting moments of respect for the Georgian athlete who died of a luge accident before the ceremonies.

CTV (http://www.ctv.ca) is the TV broadcaster in Canada. In general, the announcers spoke as if they were covering a tennis match. That is, they spoke during the breaks in action. There were a couple of glitches during the opening ceremonies that TV viewers may not have noticed if the announcers didn’t mention them. At first, I thought it may have been better not to mention the errors, but in the end, I am happier with the honesty. (Mention of the protesters was also the right thing to do.)

Planning and executing an event of that size is a huge undertaking. Simply coordinating all the participants (athletes, entertainers, volunteers, officials, etc.) is a project in itself. I am not surprised that some things went wrong, but that so little went wrong. Congratulations to all those involved!