February 15th is National Flag of Canada Day, a day which doesn’t mean much to Canadians.  I don’t think it is because Canadians don’t like their flag; I think they are just a little suspicious of anything that goes overboard on nationalism.

I had always wondered why the flag was not red, white and blue — the colours of both the French and British flags.  (Not to mention the flag colours of the United States, Russia, Norway, The Netherlands, Australia, New Zealand, the Republic of China, etc.)  So, after a little research, I have some answers.  Below, I am including links to two versions of how the flag came to be.  The first is from the Government of Canada’s website.  The second is from Don Watt’s obituary in the Globe and Mail.  Yes, the versions are different.

Government of Canada: www.canada.gc.ca/flagday

Don Watt obituary: http://v1.theglobeandmail.com/servlet/story/Deaths.20091231.93218323/BDAStory/BDA/deaths

Below is my interpretation of how the flag might have looked like if red, white and blue were chosen.