Looking to leave your mark in the world? Consider this simple strategy: state the obvious and call it a new discovery. Keep in mind, it isn’t as it easy at it seems.

The problem is that the very obvious has been discovered years ago. Kind of like drilling for oil. Years ago, it was very easy. Oil was near the ground and you could find it almost anywhere in the world. Now, it is often in remote places, down many kilometers or under the sea. So, it isn’t enough to say, “Be nice to others.”

Another strategy is to produce “proof” for something commonly known to be true. My semi-serious 2010-08-29 post is an example. Or, how about giving an updated version of some past knowledge. Still making mistakes even though you follow the ancient advice of “measure twice, cut once”? Why not declare “measure thrice, cut once”?

Finally, you can just write about the obvious and claim it as your own. Like G.D. Konstantine’s First Law: “State the obvious and call it a new discovery.”