The following is a very simple project that was completed in about 5 minutes. Finding the parts and tools took longer!

The only material used was a wire clothes hanger, but any piece of stiff wire could have been used. I used about 38 cm (or 15 inches) worth. Naturally, a longer length would have made a larger clip and a shorter length would have made a smaller clip. Wire cutters made the cut easy, but a small hacksaw would have worked, too. The sharp edges on the ends were filed smooth.

Someone with strong hands should be able to bend the wires without any tools. I found that linesmen pliers made it easier to twist the wire into a large version of a traditional paperclip. The final bend, required so that the clip can be free standing, was accomplished using a vise grip. After securing the bottom quarter of the clip into the vise, I bent the top three quarters over to make a 100 degree bend (80 degrees measured on the inside).

Since the coating remained on the clothes hanger wire, I use it right after the final bend. If I had removed the coating, or if I had used bare metal wire, I would have primed and painted the paperclip.