Here’s a really simple project. Checking through my emergency supplies, I found plenty of candles, but nothing to hold them. I do own some nicer candles with glass holders, but I wanted something for these candles.

You start off by straightening a wire clothes hanger. Then wrap the wire around a dowel or something about the same size as the candle. (I used my monopod.) Make the base wider and you are done. The only tool I used was my linesman pliers.

I’m the first to say that it isn’t the prettiest candle holder, but for emergencies it will do fine. If you use a candle that drips a lot of wax, you will want to put it somewhere that isn’t too special to you. (The candle in the photo is a real beeswax candle that doesn’t drip much.) And, of course, take the proper precautions when handling and lighting candles.

The completed candle-holder