If you don’t know, I’m a fan of Doug Dung Beetle. I like Doug because of his positive attitude and the way he really gets into his work. (Pun intended.)

Who’s Doug? Doug is a creation of the multi-talented Australian cartoonist Marti. Marti’s website http://justoutsidetheboxcartoon.com/ is full of very funny cartoons. Do yourself a favour and check it out!

Besides the cartoons, you can also find some neat projects. Look for the “Freebies” page. One of the projects is a clock featuring Doug Dung Beetle. Marti designed it for an IKEA clock, but I resized it for a clock that I already had. You can see the photo of my version of Marti’s clock below. It’s a great project and the instructions are crystal clear so it is very straightforward to make it.

Doug the Dung Beetle Clock

Doug Dung Beetle Clock