Maybe this isn’t a real project, maybe it is more of a “tip”. Either way, it fits into a theme that I like: reusing things that would otherwise be considered garbage.

I’ve been very busy recently, so much so that I haven’t had any time to blog or read the blogs I like to visit. One thing that has kept me busy is a landscaping project. I’ve been working with cedar and I’ve had some off-cuts. So, this little project (or tip) is something you can make with “leftover” cedar.

Before you start, you should know that you can buy cedar closet fresheners at many home decorating or department stores. But, if you have some spare cedar, why not make your own? The wood I used is from a 1×6 board, the kind that are typically used on fences. The steps are as follows:

1. Cut the wood to a size you will like.
2. Drill a hole for the ribbon to pass through. I used a 1/4″ diameter drill bit.
3. Sand any rough edges.
4. Cut a ribbon that will fit through the hole and around whatever you choose to hang the piece on.
5. Hang the cedar piece in your closet or wherever you would like a fresh cedar smell.

That’s it. If, after some time, the block doesn’t smell as nice, I’ve heard that you can either pour some boiling water on it (kind of a sauna thing) or you can sand it.

A piece of cedar