I never gave fridge magnets much thought until years ago when I was in Hawaii. There, in one of the tourist shops in Waikiki, there was a store that just sold fridge magnets. (Most of them didn’t have a connection to Hawaii.) Except for the one I bought, I don’t remember them in detail beyond the notion that has stuck in my brain that many were very creative.

The two fridge magnets I show here are really straightforward and can be taken as a starting point to other ones. As you will see below, one magnet uses a person’s photo. If everyone in a household was represented by a magnet, it could be used as a way of leaving messages to or from that person.

paper, clothespin, magnet tape, pencil, permanent marker, scissors, computer and printer, white glue, hot glue gun, scroll saw, file, 1/8″(~3mm) hardboard (also called Masonite).


Step 1: Print out an image of a person, place or thing you want to use. Use some scissors to cut out the part of the image you will be using

Step 2: Trace an outline of this image on the hardboard.

Step 3: Cut out the outline using a scroll saw. Clean up the image with a file (if needed).

Step 4: Using scissors, cut a strip of the magnetic tape the length of the clothespin.

Step 5: Peel the paper off the magnetic tape and apply the magnetic tape to the clothespin.

Step 6: Use the white glue to glue to attach the image to the hardboard, then use a hot glue gun to join the hardboard to the clothespin.

Step 7: After the glue is dry, you are ready to put it on your fridge.


Most of the steps are the same as in Magnet 1. The hardboard I used already had a white surface on one side, perfect for drawing on. If yours doesn’t, you may want to paint it first.

Step 1: Draw image on the hardboard with some pencil. If you are feeling brave, you can use a permanent marker.

Step 2: Cut out the image with a scroll saw. File the rough edges.

Step 3: If the image becomes smudged, erase it first. Otherwise, use a permanent marker to draw the character (or shape) in more detail. Using the marker on the edges helps hide imperfections.

Step 4: Like in Magnet 1, cut and apply the magnetic tape to the clothespin.

Step 5: Use the glue gun to secure the hardboard to the clothespin.

Step 6: Enjoy!