I’ve always been the kind of person who eats the main meal before eating dessert. That was true for me even as a young kid. Don’t get me wrong. I like dessert, especially if it has some (or a lot of) chocolate. And, just because I eat my veggies first, doesn’t mean I don’t consider dessert important.

Since the previous paragraph is less about food and more about life, it is probably very obvious that I’m getting ready to share a little philosophy. Here it is: “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. All play and no work makes Jack a mere toy.” I didn’t invent that, and since I have been listening to Van Morrison’s “Down The Road” album, I’m sure that CD was my most recent exposure to the expression. (There is a song on the album called, “All Work and No Play”.)

It was a busy January, February and March. My focus was on work, because it had to be. But, there is a reason for all that work and that is leisure. (I’d like to thank my alleged ancestor, Aristotle, for that insight.) So, even though my weekdays, weekends and weeknights had me consumed with work-related matters, my mind was dreaming of new things to do, to write, to draw, to make and to enjoy. And, especially to spend more time with the woman who has been patiently waiting for me.

I’ve also learend that there is always time to be good to yourself. That time is now.