The end of the year and the start of the year are great times to take a step back and look at your life.  (Birthdays, weddings and funerals are great, too.)

A while back, I came across this observation: within a few generations after your death, there will be no one alive who remembers you.  If you are in some manner famous, people will remember your name and stories about you, but none of it will be first hand and much of it may not be accurate.

At a public garden in Toronto, at the base of a crabapple tree, you will see a memorial plaque.  I took a photo of it:

Memorial Plaque

It is a nice sign and a great way to express gratitude for someone. It doesn’t matter if other people won’t ever know this woman and the people who did know her will one day gone.  That stuff doesn’t matter.  We all have the same challenge, to lead the best life we can.

I can already see that this year has the potential to be extra challenging when it comes to managing short-term goals with long-term goals, properly celebrating successes and effectively dealing with losses.  That’s life.  I wish everyone in the world (and the world really needs it right now) a healthy, peaceful and prosperous new year!

By the way, if you are looking at getting in a philsophical mood, I recommend taking  a walk by a pond.  It helps if there are ducks in the pond.  (The photo below is from a park near Lake Ontario; you can see the CN Tower in the background.)