This is the second book by Richard Wiseman that I have read.  (The first one was “The Luck Factor”, a book I also recommend.)  I usually don’t find a book’s blurbs very helpful, but this one has one by David Eagleman that, after reading the book, I can say is accurate: “Imagine taking thousands of papers from the vast world of psychology and distilling them down to the most important, unexpected, salient, and straightforward lessons for how to live our lives.  That’s Wiseman’s book.”

A typical section starts with the author exploring and debunking some common myths.  He follows this up with discussions about scientific research on the topic.  This is followed by a “59 seconds” summary or call-to-action. Instead of giving a sample, below is a link to Richard Wiseman’s YouTube channel.  Some of the topics in the “59 Seconds” segments relate to other books he has written, but even with those you will get a feel for this book and I why I enjoyed it.

Richard Wiseman on YouTube:

Title: 59 Seconds

Sub-Title: Think A Little, Change A Lot

Author: Richard Wiseman

Publisher: Random House

Copyright: 2010

ISBN: 978-0-307-35811-0