Being sick sucks.

OK, there is nothing new about that statement. And, since it is the common cold that I’m getting over, I know that there are worst things that can happen to a person.  I haven’t lost sight of that, so I am grateful that it was just a cold.  Still, this cold muddled up my plans.  But, during my sickness I did get some unexpected encouragement.

On one of the days where I was coughing  quite a bit, I decided to try some lozenges.  Of course they didn’t cure my cold, but they temporarily reduced my coughing.  What was interesting was that the lozenge manufacturer has printed some upbeat slogans on the wrappers.  You can see them in the photo below.  My French is poor, but even looking at them in English, it appears one says, “Return to the arena, Champion!”  (The other one should be something like, “You know you can do it!”)

It may not be much, but it made me smile.  And it did make me want to return to the arena, at least to go skating or play hockey.  Hopefully everyone is happy and healthy, or will be real soon!

Halls Wrapper

Halls Wrapper