There is a Greek expression that roughly translates as, “One bean at time, the bag is filled.”  Recently, I tried this approach with some creative writing.  I have been very busy in my non-work hours, but I decided to write a short story.  It took a month, but that wasn’t necessarily a bad thing.  Every day I made some progress and it gave me a little bit of joy until I finished.  Then, I had a lot of joy!

Going through this process made me admire the discipline of the English novelist Graham Greene.  Apparently, he wrote exactly 300 words each day.  Not 295 one day and 314 the next day.  He would even finish in mid-sentence.  (That would probably happen almost every day.)  It sounds a little excessive, but he did finish over 25 novels, so it is hard to criticize.  I don’t know what he thought about beans.