When I decided to take a hiatus from my blog, it was primarily so I could make progress on a number of projects that I had begun but I was having trouble finishing. I made some progress on all them.  That’s the good news.  The bad news is that the last two and half months have been wasted dealing with someone that I shouldn’t even have to speak to.  The positive result of this misadventure is that I have become more grateful for the good things and the good people in my life.

I thought about writing about what happened, but I’ve come to the conlusion that the specifics don’t matter much.  Everyone has a story about a person, or people, that have made their lives difficult. I’m grateful that this person isn’t part of my circle of friends or family. People who have to deal with a terrible family member have it worse than me. I’m also grateful that there may be a solution soon.

Besides being thankful, I’ve become more practical when it comes to dealing with other people.  To those who have good hearts and are trying to do their best, I’ve become even nicer.  So, if you are a bank teller, a service associate, or a coworker, I’m even more likely to mention your good work to your boss or on a survey.  (I did that before, but I’m doing it even more now.)

If you are a sneaky, greedy person, I have no respect for you.  I may chose to leave you to God, Karma or whatever system will apply justice or I may excercise my right to prevent you from screwing over an innocent person.  Too many good people have been bullied for too long.  And, if you do get ahead, I have seen many instances when those victories are short-lived or balanced with negative events, so there is no need for stress.

It sounds simple, but I know it isn’t.  People are often complicated and irrational.  That’s OK.  I’ve also learned (or relearned) to be humble in my expectations.  Like I said before, I’m grateful for the good things and the good people in my life.  Thank you for stopping by.