My first post back from my sabbatical pretty much reflected my attitude after seeing some bad human behaviour.  This post, on the other hand, gives me a chance to pay tribute to some excellent human beings.  Perhaps not surprisingly, the event that allowed these people to shine was a negative one.

A week ago today, my mother became very ill.  I was with her in dowtown Toronto, just about to drive her home when she felt weak.  She sat down and I ran to get the car (to either take her home or to a hospital).  Just as I returned, she fainted, hitting her head on the pavement.  And that is when some strangers and health professionals stepped up and made a great impression on me and my mother.

Except for the doctor and a nurse at the hospital, I don’t know the names of these people, but I would like to thank them nonetheless. So a big thank you to:
– the woman who offered a granola bar when my mom was feeling weak.
– the woman who called 911 for me, allowing me to comfort my mother.
– the pysiotherapist (ex-paramedic) who remembered his paramedic training and even put his coat under my mother so she wouldn’t be cold.
– the med student who came to help (I’m sure you will be compassionate health practitioner when you graduate).
– the fire fighters who were at the scene quickly.
– the paramedics who were also at the scene quickly, who hadn’t had lunch (it was 4:30pm) and wouldn’t be able to eat for another hour.  Thank you also for your positive attitude and professionalism.
– the staff in the parking garage for their compassion.
– the hospital staff and especially the doctor and the nurses who were thorough, calm and caring.
Bless you all for what you did and who you are.  My family will always be grateful.

There were times it seemed like my mother would die that day. She is better now, although she is still a little weak. These kind of events have the power to refocus you.  It did with me — I continue to appreciate good people more and do what I can to be one of them.

Thank you for dropping by. I wish you good health and happiness.