It was hard to go back to work today.  Not just because it was -12C outside, but because I had a nice mini-vacation.  No exotic trips, I just stayed in the city and spent time with loved ones.

There is a very simple concept from the world of finance: if you want to stay economically afloat, don’t let your expenses exceed your revenue.  Some of that applies to how you seek pleasurable moments in life.  If you have the time and can afford to take trips to far away destinations, by all means do so.  But, if you can’t, it is still possible to be happy.

I know this isn’t anything new, but these last few days reminded me that if you are content with what you have then you’re already rich.

The photos below were taken last week in Toronto’s Allan Gardens.  Built over a hundred years ago, it is a real oasis in the city’s downtown area.  And, it was a nice treat to complement a physically tiring, but emotionally happy hour spent shovelling a wet and heavy snowfall.  This was followed by tea and later a delicious home cooked dinner.  A good day.

Hope you have had some good ones recently and that 2016 is a great year for you.

Alland Gardens at Christmas


Allan Gardens - Leda and the Swan

Allan Gardens Interior View