I drove by a school this evening and I noticed a new inspirational message.  On the flip side of a sign that mentioned parent teacher meetings and exam dates were the words, “SUCCESS IS THE ONLY OPTION.”  At first, I just sighed and wondered if there was only one option, doesn’t that mean there are no options.  And, did the person who put this message up think of these kind of things.  Then, I realized it was possible, as long as the students gave 110% of their total abilities.  Well, no need to worry about the future, everything is going to be fine.


I know it isn’t news now, but since I have been busy recently, I’m only now coming around to discussing the Scottish independence vote. Of course, since it has been two weeks no one will take me serious. Therefore, I’m not going to be serious.

Many people around the world watched the vote, but those who have their own separatist agenda were undoubtedly more interested. One such group was the Quebec Sovereigntists.

That got me thinking. Perhaps, the mistake the Scots made is that they didn’t team up with Quebec. Maybe if they joined to form their own country, Scotland-Quebec (or Quebec-Scotland, their choice of course) they could have had success. Scots and Quebecers working together isn’t that far fetched. Consider the contributions of Scottish immigrants to Quebec (see this Wikipedia article on Scots-Quebecer). Have you ever wondered why Montreal’s most famous university has a Scottish name? It is named after James McGill, who was originally from Glasgow.

If these countries do join together, I would like to propose a flag. First, consider the flag of Scotland.


Now, look at the flag of Quebec.


Finally, my design. I think you will agree that my design is very logical, combining elements of both flags.

The Flag of SQ

I will leave it to someone else to find a way to combine poutine and haggis.

(The first two flags are from Wikipedia, the last one I created using CorelDraw.)

As I write this post, I’m in the middle of a cold. As far as colds go, this one hasn’t been that bad. (My primary symptom is a stuffed nose.) On the other hand, I am lucky to have gone flu-free this winter season… so far. I went to the flu clinic in early November. The photo below shows the number I got from the Turn-O-Matic dispensing machine. It failed to scare me and I bravely went ahead and got a flu shot. I wish everyone good health in 2014!

Is this ticket trying to scare me?

Is this ticket trying to scare me?


If you name your cat “Socrates”, I suppose it is natural for him to walk around in a “philosophical” mood…

An H for hypocrisy.  You may have already heard of Kaitlin Nootbar and her struggle to get her high school diploma.  Ms. Nootbar’s grades are not the issue; she got a 4.0 GPA.  And, she must have been well-liked, since she was picked to give the valedictorian speech at graduation.  It was that speech that got her in trouble.

Apparently, the written version of her speech had the word “heck” in it, but on stage she said, “hell”.  So school officials are holding her diploma ransom until she pays with an apology.  The funny thing is when you go to their website, you discover that Prague High School is the “Home of the Red Devils”  (http://prague.k12.ok.us/index.php?pageID=1078).  Really?

It confirms my belief that more mirrors are needed in the world.  And, in an odd way, it reminds me of a quote from Will Rogers: “In Hollywood the woods are full of people that learned to write but evidently can’t read. If they could read their stuff, they’d stop writing.”


I offer nothing brilliant today.  But, I will share what I recently learned: table tennis, besides being called ping pong, was originally known as wiff waff.  I would write more, but as the Olympics are on, I’m going to call the local TV station and ask when they will be showing the next wiff waff match.  (And, maybe they will also know if the horses in the equestrian competitions also get their own medals.)

I’m workin on a new cartoon, hopefully I can have it ready in a day or so. In the mean time, if you are looking for cartoons, try Just Outside The Box Cartoon.

If want something related to food and flowers, try: My Food and Flowers (For a cool project, take a look at this “lightbulb greenhouse” .)

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