Cartoon : Frosty Gets Fit

It’s easy to explain the inspiration for this cartoon. For the past six weeks, there have been at least a dozen “fitness club” flyers dropped off in my mailbox. Plus, the snow outside made me think of the shape of the classic “snowman”.

World's 7th Greatest Dad Mug Cartoon
Happy Father’s Day!

This cartoon was inspired by all the gifts (coffee mugs, t-shirts, baseball caps, etc.) that have the expression, “World’s Greatest Dad” on them. It is a nice thought and it does show the love the child feels for the parent.

But, if you decide your dad is only the 7th or 700th best in the world, I think that’s amazing — and I still recommend you buy the “World’s Greatest Dad” version. (Trust me, a completely rational analysis won’t be appreciated.)

One of my favourite expressions is, “What goes around, comes around.” So, what does that have to do with this cartoon? Not much, I guess. But, it is kind of interesting how the new tablet PCs rely on the original writing “tool”.

Lightbulb Cartoon

The background for this cartoon is I was thinking that I need an idea for a cartoon…

A while back, someone opened a store offering psychic services. Highlighted in the big sign above this business was “romance and business”. I never went, so I can’t judge the kind of advice that was offered for romance, but I can assume that the business advice wasn’t very good since it closed in less than a year!

Cartoon - Annual Meeting

Sometimes my barber is chatty and sometimes he isn’t.  During one of those quiet haircuts, I had some time to think.  Below is the result.  (No, that isn’t the haircut I got.)



OK, I have to start off with some disclosure. Like a lot of cartoonists, I did a cartoon based on a stereotype. Specifically, the stereotype that old men wear their belts really high. Well, after a quick internet search, I found out that it is at 57 that men wear their pants the highest, it goes down after that. (See: BBC News Article )

Age vs Belt Height Cartoon


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