Recently, I re-read the first of the five books that make up the Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy trilogy.  At the back of the book, there are some “extras” (kind of like you would find on a DVD).  My favourite is the fax that Douglas Adams sent to the American editor of the book.

It appears there was an attempt to “Americanize” the story by replacing English locations, companies, currencies et cetera with American ones.  There is no need to repeat Mr. Adams’ argument against it.  My point in mentioning it, is that here is a clear example of how we underestimate ourselves.  The editor, an American, must have felt it was too difficult for an non-British reader to follow along.  I can’t speak for Americans, but as a Canadian, I didn’t have any problem.

It is hard enough to overcome the criticism of others, but not giving yourself a chance is worse.  So, my simplistic advice is try, fail, try again, fail again, try again or try something else and enjoy the journey.  And, of course, “Don’t Panic”.